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Epoxy Flooring

Durable, Stylish And Affordable

Do you ever feel as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to picking a new flooring system for your home or facility? Ever feel like you are extremely limited when it comes to selection? Well, then we have good news for you because with one of our epoxy flooring systems, you won’t ever feel that way again! An epoxy floor coating is:
  • High Performing
  • Long Lasting
  • Affordable
So let’s get right into all you need to know about our epoxy floors!
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Types Of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy Flooring Corona

When it comes to epoxy flooring, there is no shortage of ways that the floor coating can be used or the number of variants it offers to help specific facilities. Down below you will find we have outlined the most popular forms of our epoxy flooring systems:
commercial epoxy flooring
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
  • Commercial epoxy flooring is one of the few floorings to be approved by the USDA for use in sensitive facilities like hospitals and food processing plants
  • The approval is widely considered because the surface is extremely hygienic and seamless
  • Commercial epoxy is even extremely resistant to forms of wear and tear
garage floor epoxy
Garage Floor Epoxy
  • Widely known as the most popular epoxy floor coating, garage epoxy is both highly resistant to damage and harsh chemicals
  • Because of its resistances, garage floor epoxy can be used in both residential and commercial instances
  • Garage floor epoxy is also capable of making the garage 300 percent brighter with one key lighting source
industrial epoxy flooring
Industrial Epoxy
  • Industrial epoxy uses the 100 percent solid epoxy system which is the strongest and most durable epoxy floor coating on the market
  • Industrial epoxy floors can withstand up to 25,000 PSI where concretes tolerance is capable of only 3,500 PSI
  • Industrial epoxy is even resistant to fire and electrical damage
residential epoxy flooring
Residential Epoxy
  • Residential epoxy flooring is becoming more and more common with the increasing popularity of metallic epoxy for its seamless and modern appearance
  • Residencial epoxy flooring is perfect for homes with pets or children as it is resistant to scratches and abrasions from wear and tear
  • You can also save hours with epoxies easy maintenance
metallic epoxy floor
Metallic Epoxy
  • Metallic epoxy is one of the most exotic floorings on the market with the ability to mimic natural effects such as a cloudy day, a blazing fire and even waves
  • Just because it is beautiful to don’t mean it isn’t strong. Metallic epoxy flooring uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as an industrial epoxy flooring
Basement Epoxy
Basement Epoxy
  • Basement epoxy flooring is one of the ways that you can perform basement waterproofing in your home
  • With the basement waterproofing properties of basement epoxy, you can enjoy a much more comfortable environment with less humidity
  • Not only is the basement epoxy floor coating waterproof, but it is also resistant to mold and mildew
epoxy concrete floor

Customizing Your Epoxy

One of the features of epoxy flooring that homeowners and business owners love about our revolutionary flooring system is how many options there are in terms of customization. When customizing your epoxy with your own personal flair, there is a chance that your epoxy floor coating is the first of its kind due to the levels of customization epoxy offers. Down below are a few of the ways you can make your epoxy floor one of a kind:
  • Epoxy floors can be customized with our wide range of base colors, the option to use single colored or multi-colored paint flakes, and even the option to use metallic pigments
  • Are you an extreme enthusiast? We can place your favorite logo or your companies logo directly into the epoxy flooring system
  • For industrial and commercial facilities we offer the use of stencils to create walkways, barrier, text and even vehicle paths to make your facility safer and more efficient
Metallic Flooring
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At Epoxy Flooring Corona, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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Investing In Your Home Or Business

epoxy flooring contractors
No matter how you approach our epoxy floor coatings, they are a marvelous investment for your home or business and here’s how:
  • Epoxy has a service life of 20-30 years when professionally installed, making epoxy have one of the most affordable lifecycle costs in the flooring industry, even cheaper than the lifecycle cost of concrete flooring!
  • Not only can epoxy last decades, when placed in a garage, basement or any living area, but epoxy flooring can also drastically increase the value of your home!
  • Epoxy floors can even create more curb appeal for your company, increasing customer flow!

Maintaining Your Epoxy

epoxy floor installers
Another major factor that plays a role in epoxy flooring success is its easy and fast maintenance. Down below is what it will be like maintaining your epoxy floor coating:
  • The first step of maintenance is to make sure all foreign materials are removed from the flooring system. We recommend using a soft bristle broom or dust mop to complete this task
  • The next step is using a simple standard wet mop to get the job done. If cleaners are wanted, always use recommended cleaners
  • Pressure washing and deep cleaning are only recommended when completely necessary, not regularly

How Long Does Installation Take?

epoxy flooring companies
For an example of how long the installation process will take, we will look at a standard 2 car garage.
  • In total, installation of the epoxy will take around 4 days. The 4 days includes the 72 hour cure time required before the epoxy is ready for full load performance.
  • The first day is actually when the concrete slab is prepared and the epoxy garage floor coating is actually installed.
  • Epoxy is capable of being installed faster than any other coating.

You Can Trust Us!

epoxy floor coating companies
As one of the top epoxy flooring companies in Corona, we have a different level of accountability than other companies and contractors in Corona. With this accountability, you can always count on us to:
  • Provide you, your home or your business with the highest grade materials, finishes, and customer service
  • Use only our team of handpicked epoxy flooring contractors with decades of experience in both the concrete and epoxy field
  • It is our goal to be the most affordable professional epoxy flooring company in Corona, so call now for a free quote!
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