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Has your concrete pool deck seen better days? Is it plagued with cracks, gouges, and stains? With summer right around the corner, it is time to think about what you can do to get your deck in working order. While other contractors will make you pursue expensive routes, we are here to save you money! How? With pool deck repair!
Want to learn how repairing your pool deck can drastically improve the safety, comfort and even longevity of your pool deck? We have all the information you need down below.

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Why You Should

Repair Your Pool Deck

With pool deck repair, not only can you bring your pool decks appearance back into its former glory, you have the opportunity to make your pool deck perform as it was new as well. We have outlined the top reasons why homeowners choose pool deck repair compared to other options.
cool pool deck coating
Slip/Skid Resistance
When peeling and cracks make their way onto your pool decking, sometimes they can compromise the sealers and paint that you have on your concrete pool deck. Not only will your coatings suffer, so will the safety on your decking as the sealers and paints on your deck are sometimes the main providers of traction, especially when your deck is wet.
Pool Deck Resurfacing Corona
Heat Deflection
Another factor that your sealers and paints play a role in on your concrete pool deck is the heat deflection. You will find that your pool deck can be up to 30 degrees hotter if your pool deckings sealers and or paints are in less than working order. This will lead to burnt feet and even running around the pool deck that can lead to slips and falls.
pool deck resurfacing cost
When compared to replacing your pool deck entirely and even pool deck resurfacing, pool deck repair can save you thousands of dollars. This is because we are working in a smaller area with existing materials. This is why we recommend that you give us a call as soon as damage makes its way onto your deck as time can save you money in the long run.
pool deck resurfacing cost
Investment Factor
Not only can pool deck repair save you money, but it can also protect and even further the investment you have made into your home. This is because our team of pool deck repair contractors have decades of experience and can make your repair completely disappear to the point of not even being able to tell where the damage was! Your perfect pool deck can increase the value of your home!
concrete pool deck
What makes most homeowner repair their pool decking isn’t the actual increase in value or even the comfort of the pool deck. Many homeowners make repairs to the concrete pool deck because of the longevity that comes along with performing maintenance on the pool deck. A structurally sound pool deck can last your home a lifetime and cracks and peeling can drastically decrease the lifespan of your concrete.
resurface pool deck
Just like the longevity of your concrete, performing routine maintenance or repairs on your pool deck can actually make the slab stronger as you are making the weak points of your concrete stronger. This is completely necessary with summer right around the corner where your concrete pool decking is going to see heavy foot traffic, a variety off accidents and a selection of dropped objects.

What We Can Repair

In Corona California

When it comes to what other pool deck repair companies are capable of repairing, we take it one step further than the other guys. We are trained and tested with decades of combined experience that has led us to the easiest all the way into the most intricate of repairs. If you want a team that is more than capable, give us a call for any of the following repairs:
Pool Deck Crack Repair
  • Pool deck crack repair is by far the most common and most dangerous form of damage. We fill all cracks and recoat to match the existing pool decking
  • Peeling Peeling coatings can get out of hand fast and if you want to save your pool deck, call us asap
  • Repaint/ResealSometimes all you need is a straightforward repaint or reseal to get your pool deck back on track! Call now before the repair gets more costly
Pool Deck Repair
In Corona California
Need a pool deck repair company that you can trust? Don’t want to have another repair done in the same area? For fast repairs that you can trust, give us a call today and receive a professional quote for free!
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Pool Deck Resurfacing

For Extreme Cases Of Repairs

Pool Deck Resurfacing
Sadly, sometimes pool deck repair just isn’t enough to get your concrete pool deck back on track. Sometimes damage can take the entire pool deck and render it almost unusable. We urge you to not take this lightly but also not fall for money hungry contractors who only want to make money off of you by trying to convince you to “simply” replace your entire pool deck. Replacing your concrete on your pool deck is anything but simple as there are underlying plumbing and even your pool that can be damaged by replacing pool decking. That is why we offer the nonintrusive process of pool deck resurfacing that offers the advantages of:
  • Saving you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of your pool deck and even weeks of time with summer right around the corner
  • Provide the same level of customization of replacing your pool deck with materials ranging from stamped concretes to rubberized floor coatings
  • For more information on pool deck resurfacing, take a look at our pool deck resurfacing page!

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Top Pool Decking Contractors In Corona

concrete pool deck repair
Are you tired of dealing with unprofessional pool deck repair that jacks up their prices only to bring you subpar repairs that will have to be readdressed in only a matter of months? Wish there were actually professional contractors that cared about their neighbors in Corona, California? Well if that is what you are looking for, you have found one of the pool deck repair companies in Corona that will give you exactly that! We follow a very strict set of rules for all of our clients and you will find what we can do for you down below:
  • We promise to get your job finished as fast as possible but we will never push our products faster than they were designed to go to provide the best possible repair
  • We promise to only use the highest grade materials on your project, no matter how big or how small it may be. You will never catch us using subpar materials from the local hardware store
  • We promise to provide you with a free quote if you call us today!
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