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Garage Floor Epoxy

Tough, beautiful, long lasting

As one of the top garage floor epoxy companies in Corona, California, we’re excited to help you transform your garage and make your neighbors green with envy. Garage epoxy coatings are rapidly gaining popularity in Corona among homeowners, hobbyists, and home mechanics for their durability, low cost, and sleek look.
Whether you want something simple and clean or something that wows, we offer customizable garage epoxy solutions to fit your needs.
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Benefits of Corona

Garage Floor Epoxy.

There’s a lot to love with our garage epoxy coatings. Our dedicated epoxy garage floor installers in Corona, California use only high-quality epoxy solutions and careful prep work to deliver the same benefits industrial clients expect. Here’s why Corona homeowners love garage epoxy.
Economical flooring
Economical flooring
A garage epoxy coating is a cost-effective way to transform your garage. Along with an affordable upfront cost, it can last for decades with very little care.
Easy to maintain
Easy to maintain
Our garage floor epoxy in Corona, California does not require special products and there are no seams or cracks for dust to hide. Spills will even be isolated on top of the floor for fast cleanup. Just sweep and mop your floor as needed.
Quick installation
Quick installation
Our garage floor epoxy contractors have decades of combined experience. Including concrete prep, we can deliver a seamless and beautiful garage epoxy floor in as little as one day.
Protects the concrete slab
Protects the concrete slab.
Epoxy flooring doesn’t just look great; it bonds with the concrete and increases its strength and weight load. It also protects your garage slab against stains and damage.
Industrial Flooring
Resists damage and stains.
Professional garage floor epoxy maintains its bright, clean, and professional appearance for years by resisting stains and damage from tires, impact, abrasion, spills, and more.
Custom appearance
Custom appearance.
Get the exact look you want from your new garage floor with our specialized epoxy coatings. Whether you want something simple like a high-gloss white or red coating, a custom pattern, or a beautiful metallic epoxy garage floor in Corona, CA, we can make it happen.
Customize Your Garage Floor

Customize Your Garage Floor

Wide variety of options to choose from

The durability and long life of epoxy is great, but most homeowners are excited about the many ways to customize their new floor. Epoxy is highly customizable in terms of color, pattern, effect, and even slip-resistance. No matter what look you want, we can make it happen with striking colors, color flakes, and metallic pigments.
How do you envision your new garage? Do you want a sleek, modern white epoxy floor that makes it easy to spot dropped objects? Do you want to create a man cave or workshop with your favorite sports logo? What about a multi-color pattern or a show-stopping metallic epoxy garage floor? An epoxy garage flooring installer in Corona, CA can help you explore your many options.
Epoxy Flooring
Corona, California
At Epoxy Flooring Corona, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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Get a Bright and Welcoming Garage

Epoxy brights the garage floor

Bright and Welcoming Garage
Most garages are dark and cold with nothing more than insufficient overhead lighting. Garage floor epoxy in Corona, California doesn’t just give you an attractive and hardworking garage floor; it also brightens your garage significantly. Epoxy brights the garage floor by up to 300% thanks to its brilliant reflective surface. Once you install garage epoxy, you can stop struggling to find things in your garage or work on your hobbies with task lights.
Epoxy can even reduce the need for additional lighting in your garage that may be necessary for hobbies with a seamless, bright surface that makes it easy to find small objects you drop.

Low-Cost and Long-Lasting

Here to keep your floor like new

Garage Floor Epoxy | Epoxy Flooring Contractor Corona, CA
You don’t need to invest a fortune to get a high-performance garage floor. As one of the leading garage floor epoxy companies in Corona, California, we offer affordable rates to get the look you want. We use only high-grade epoxy without the high markups you will find with other epoxy installers. As a general rule, garage epoxy will cost $3 to $12 per square foot, depending on which options you choose.
Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of trying DIY garage epoxy kits to save money. This can turn out to be a costly mistake. Professional epoxy installation doesn’t cost a fortune but it can last for 10-20+ years, unlike DIY kits that tend to fail after a couple of years.
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Questions about installing a garage epoxy coating in Corona, CA? Want to know more about our process or the possibilities? Please reach out to us to get answers to any questions and concerns you have. Until we hear from you, we hope these frequently asked questions will help.

How durable should an epoxy garage floor coating be?
Garage epoxy is strong and durable enough to maintain its pristine, bright appearance for 10 to 20 years. Epoxy can handle almost anything it will face in your garage like water, oil and gas spills, and heavy dropped objects. With professional installation, you will enjoy an incredibly wear- and damage-resistant coating that’s stronger than the underlying concrete.
Can garage epoxy be applied to existing concrete cracks?
No, we do not recommend applying an epoxy coating to cracked concrete. This is because the quality of the substrate directly affects the appearance and longevity of the epoxy. If your concrete has cracks, they can telegraph into the epoxy coating. Along with an inferior appearance, your epoxy will not bond correctly with the concrete and fail prematurely.
Our Corona garage floor epoxy contractors take the time to fill cracks in your concrete with epoxy repairs. Other damage will be addressed and stains will be lifted prior to shot blasting or diamond grinding that profiles the concrete and opens pores. These steps are essential to achieving flawless final results.
What happens if my epoxy floor cracks?
It’s very uncommon for epoxy flooring in Corona to develop cracks. When this happens, it’s typically caused by new cracks in the concrete that telegraph into the epoxy coating. The good news is cracks in epoxy floors are usually hairline cracks that are hard to see without very close inspection. With a decorative coating, the cracks can also be well disguised by the pattern. These tiny cracks do not hurt the performance of your floor and don’t require repairs. In the very rare case of more serious cracks due to slab movement, the solution is stripping and reapplying the epoxy coating.
How long does garage epoxy last?
Epoxy is a long-lasting solution that doesn’t show its age, even after years of heavy use. How long an epoxy floor lasts depends on the installation quality, concrete preparation, epoxy quality, and the type of wear and tear it faces. As a general rule, our garage floor epoxy in Corona, CA lasts for 10 years or longer. It’s not uncommon to see professional epoxy installation last 20+ years
Will the garage floor be slippery?
This is a common misconception about epoxy coatings. The texture and grip of epoxy flooring in Corona, CA is very similar to a basketball court with good traction as long as the floor is clean and dry. For additional slip resistance, we can add non-skid additives to the topcoat of your floor. This creates a safe, slip-resistant surface even when the floor is wet.