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Garage Floor Coatings

Durable, Resistant And Long Lasting

When it comes to choosing new flooring for your garage it may seem like there aren’t very many options. This can be a major setback as the garage needs a flooring system that can make the garage well performing while looking attractive at the same time. Well, its time you know what exactly is offered for a garage floor coating in Corona. We offer
  • Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings
  • Stamped Concrete Overlays
  • Sealed Concrete
We have all the information you need about our garage coatings down below!
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Our Garage Floor Coatings


As one of the top garage floor coating contractors in Corona, we have to be versatile; almost as versatile as our concrete coatings! So, we have trained and worked with all different forms of garage coatings. Down below you will see our most popular forms of garage flooring we have to offer.
Garage Floor Coating
Garage Floor Epoxy
  • Garage floor epoxy is by far the most popular garage floor coating as it is resistant to most forms of damage and even chemicals
  • Garage epoxy is capable of making the garage up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources
  • Epoxy is also one of the most affordable garages coatings
garage epoxy
Stamped Concrete
  • Stamped concrete is mostly used for its ability to replicate natural stone, pavers, and gorgeous walkways from different times
  • To aid these replications, we can use stains to create highs and lows to make the coating look hyper-realistic
  • Stamped concrete is also able to last decades when professionally installed and with proper maintenance
sealed concrete
Sealed Concrete
  • Concrete seal coats come in 2 basic types, acrylic and polyurethane. The acrylic is more affordable but urethane sealers last much longer
  • When it comes to customizing your sealer, you can tint the sealer with pigments or choose a high gloss or low gloss sheen
  • Sealed concrete is resistant to moisture but is not waterproof
resurface garage floor concrete resurfacer
Artistic Overlays
  • Artistic overlays are one of the ways to achieve a naturally beautiful garage floor but are much more affordable than a stamped concrete coating
  • With an artistic overlay, trowels and sometimes sequences are used to create effects like burnishing and marbling
  • All overlays are equipped with an acrylic or urethane seal coat
Rustic Wood Flooring
Rustic Wood Flooring
  • With a rustic wood flooring, you can have the attractive appearance of wood flooring with the durability of a concrete flooring system
  • Wood stamped concrete won’t require ages of maintenance like real hardwood flooring
  • Our concrete wood floor is able to last decades longer than hardwood with less maintenance with a lower lifecycle cost
metallic epoxy garage floor
Metallic Epoxies
  • Metallic epoxy floor coatings are capable of transforming your garage by mimicking the appearance of a cloudy day, a blazing fire and even waves crashing on the beach
  • Metallic epoxy is a high-performance flooring system as well, using the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as an industrial epoxy flooring system
garage floor epoxy contractors

Garage Floor Resurfacing

It doesn’t matter how well your garages concrete slab was installed or even how well you have maintained the concrete slab, every concrete surface is going to start showing signs of stress and age. Sadly these signs are typically very unsightly and come in the form of cracks, gouges and sometimes even the top layer of concrete peels away. Thankfully there is a process that can save you thousands of dollars and maybe even weeks of time. This process is garage floor resurfacing and here’s all you need to know:
  • To start the process, we prepare the surface of your concrete then we apply a thin layer of micro topping to fill all cracks and gouges.
  • This micro topping is not too thick but it fills all cracks and limits how much they are able to shift and spread
  • The micro topping is then used as a base for any garage floor coating you desire or simply sealed for a uniform and light duty garage flooring system
Garage Floor Coatings
Corona, California
At Epoxy Flooring Corona, we have been doing epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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Customizing Your Garage Floor

metallic epoxy garage floor coating
The best part about using our wide selection of garage floor coatings is the wide level of customization that you can achieve with one of our coatings; especially with one of our epoxy flooring systems! Down below we have outlined the most common ways past clients have customized their garage epoxy floor:
  • We offer a wide selection of base colors, multi-colored or single colored flakes and even the option to have metallic pigments to craft metallic epoxy
  • We even offer the chance to have your favorite logo placed directly into your epoxy flooring system!
  • Hardly ever are 2 epoxy garage floors the same!

Improved Safety

epoxy garage floor coating
Another major factor involved with using a garage floor coating is how much they improve the safety of your garage. Here is how our garage floor coatings can keep you safe:
  • All of our coatings offer excellent slip and skid resistance and some of them even offer traction when they are wet. For our floorings that are slippery when wet we offer an additive that goes in the seal coat to give the flooring texture
  • Our epoxies and sealers can make the garage up to 300 percent brighter, making working easier and safer
  • Our epoxy floor coatings are even non-toxic!

How Long Will Your Coating Last

garage epoxy coating
When it comes down to how long your coating is going to last, there are a lot of moving pieces that can determine the lifespan of your coating. Here are a few examples:
  • Sealers will need to be stripped and reinstalled every 5-7 years depending on the workload and exposure to the sun
  • Stamped concretes and concrete have the potential to last decades with precise maintenance and if the concrete is in good shape
  • Epoxy has been tested and proven to last 20-30 years!

You Can Trust Us!

Metallic Epoxy Corona Riverside
As one of the top garage coating companies in Corona, we have a higher level of accountability than other companies and contractors in Corona. With this accountability, you can always count on us to:
  • Provide you, your home and family with the highest grade materials, finishes, and customer service
  • Use only our team of handpicked concrete coating contractors with decades of experience working with concretes and epoxies
  • It is our goal to be the most affordable professional epoxy flooring company in Corona, so call us today for a free quote!
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