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    Epoxy Flooring Contractors


    Providing your business with quality floors that will last

    We are proudly one of the leading epoxy flooring contractors in Corona, California with a commitment to providing only the best in customer experience. We offer specialized epoxy flooring systems for residential and commercial customers with limitless ways to customize your floor system.
    From decorative metallic epoxy floors and epoxy flake flooring to specialized commercial coatings, we have a solution to fit your needs. Whether you want an eye catching metallic epoxy floor for your basement, a bright and seamless garage epoxy floor coating, or a hardworking epoxy concrete floor for your business, we can help.
    High Quality Epoxy

    High-Quality Epoxy Flooring Solutions

    Committed to superior quality and results.

    Epoxy flooring in Corona is a versatile, robust, and attractive flooring system made from resin, a hardener, and decorative additives. When combined, a chemical reaction produces an incredibly strong and durable plastic coating that increases the durability and weight load of your concrete floor.
    Epoxy is strong enough for even demanding industrial settings, hospitals, and auto shops yet its attractive enough for basements and living spaces. Our specialized epoxy systems can be used almost anywhere you want a bright, seamless, clean, and durable floor.

    Our Corona Epoxy Services

    We have developed industrial epoxy flooring systems for a wide range.

    Want to finish your basement? Get a dust-free and bright garage? Upgrade your facility’s existing floor system? Our epoxy floor contractors can deliver a custom solution to impress. We serve residential and commercial clients with cost-effective and high-performance epoxy flooring in Corona, CA
    Garage Epoxy
    Ditch the tired, dusty garage for good with a beautiful garage epoxy floor coating. Epoxy is an ideal solution for garages because it resists damage from dropped tools, gas and oil spills, vehicle traffic, and more. It’s easy to sweep and clean and stops concrete dusting for good. It can also give you a garage that looks like a car showroom. Garage floor epoxy in Corona, CA is so in demand that it can even boost your home’s value.
    Epoxy Basement Floors
    Choosing a floor system for your basement can be challenging. Hardwood floors will warp and carpet can easily become moldy and water damaged. An epoxy basement floor delivers a superior floor system that’s highly customizable yet withstands all of the hazards of the typical basement, even flooding. It also brightens your basement dramatically and requires almost no care.
    Decorative Epoxy Flooring
    Who says epoxy flooring needs to be boring? We offer plenty of ways to get a decorative look for your home or business. Epoxy flake flooring is popular for garages, basements, and businesses with a multi-color flake pattern. Another fun option is a metallic epoxy garage floor or basement floor. Metallic epoxy can look like beautiful colored glass, lava lamps, storm clouds, and more.
    Metallic Epoxy Floors
    Metallic epoxy is one of the biggest trends in epoxy flooring. Its unique appearance is perfect for a showroom garage, family room, basement, or hotel lobby. We can create a signature look by combining various metallic pigments with the epoxy then manipulating them with blowers, solvents, and brushes. A metallic epoxy floor in Corona, California is a perfect way to blow away visitors and guests with a one-of-a-kind floor.
    Residential Epoxy Flooring
    Epoxy flooring in Corona isn’t just for businesses; it also looks great in your home! Many California homeowners are turning to epoxy concrete floor coatings to achieve an attractive and hardworking floor for their basement, garage, kitchen, laundry room, or living room. Epoxy flooring can handle almost anything you throw at it without degrading.
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    We don’t just serve homeowners. We also offer specialized commercial epoxy flooring in Corona, California. We deliver high-performance epoxy solutions for all types of businesses to withstand heavy traffic, spills, harsh cleaning protocols, and more without staining or degrading. Contact us to learn about specialized commercial epoxy systems designed to fit the needs of your facility.
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    Garage Floor Epoxy in Corona

    Our garage epoxy floor coatings in Corona, California can completely transform your garage into the perfect place to work on your hobby or your car.

    Say goodbye to your dusty, gray, boring garage forever.This is our most requested service. With garage epoxy, your garage will become somewhere you actually enjoy spending time. Its seamless, smooth surface is easy to sweep without dust or debris getting tracked into your home. It resists damage from dropped tools and automotive fluids yet it can be highly decorative. Many homeowners even enjoy a boost in their home’s resale value with garage epoxy installation, especially as it continues to grow in popularity.
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions

    We don’t just install residential epoxy flooring in Corona

    we also serve commercial and industrial clients in a wide variety of industries. With its strength, durability, low lifecycle cost, and excellent resistance to damage, epoxy flooring can be the ideal solution for almost any facility. Common industries and businesses we serve include:
    • Retail stores, grocery stores, and shopping centers
    • Office buildings
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants and commercial kitchens
    • Public safety buildings like fire stations and correctional facilities
    • Warehouses and factories
    • Auto shops
    Durable Epoxy Flooring Solutions
    That Last For Decades
    With epoxy flooring there are hundreds of ways you can custmize it to make it unique to you.
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    Happy Clients Testimonials

    See what others have said about our company

    I purchased a new home and needed help with the damaged and outdated concrete pool deck. I called Pool Deck Masters for help, and they were able to come out and resurface the concrete that very same week. Overall, I am very satisfied with the services from this company!
    John Dave,
    If you live in Southern California and need help with your concrete pool deck, give Pool Deck Masters a call! I’m a contractor who’s worked with numerous concrete companies over the years, and Pool Deck Masters is truly the best in the area.
    Robert Taylor,
    Pool Deck Masters is one of the most affordable concrete resurfacing companies in the city. I called several local companies for quotes, and they were the cheapest by far. My pool deck looks great and feels so much safer, too. Thank you all again!
    Carlos Collin,
    Pool Deck Masters is one of the most affordable concrete resurfacing companies in the city. I called several local companies for quotes, and they were the cheapest by far. My pool deck looks great and feels so much safer, too. Thank you all again!
    Jeffrey Dickens,
    I hired Pool Deck Masters to repair and resurface my parents’ old concrete pool deck and could not be happier with the patience and respect the staff here has. They took the time to answer every one of their questions and did a wonderful job with their deck. Thank you for all that you do.
    Mark Trojillo,
    There was a huge windstorm last month that caused my patio furniture to fall and leave a huge crack on my pool deck. I was so worried I would have to replace the entire pool deck and have new concrete poured, but this company was able to come out and completely fix our deck!
    John Flobert,
    Pool Deck Masters is the only concrete company I trust to work on my pool deck in Southern California. The team is always extremely professional and takes the time to answer my questions without making me feel rushed.
    We had a new pool deck coating installed, and it came out perfect! Good color choices, installers were on time and professional. Overall, the process was simple and straightforward, and no surprises! Great communication with this company, I would recommend them.

    Areas We Proudly Serve

    We are proud to service many cities in California. If you are interested in getting epoxy or any of our other services, call us and get your free quote!
    • Riverside

    • Rancho Cucamonga

    • San Diego

    • Murrieta

    • Hemet

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      Why Choose Us?

      We take pride in offering a wide selection of robust and flexible epoxy solutions for residential and commercial customers. Here’s why we’re one of the top epoxy flooring companies in Corona, California. If you are looking for the best Pool Deck Resurfacing in Riverside CA, contact Pool Deck Riverside.
      Our Pride

      Focus on Customer Service

      We believe that our work speaks for itself. Our epoxy floor contractors are committed to excellence with attention to detail and a goal of perfection with every floor we install. We strive to deliver the best customer experience possible from start to finish. That’s why so much of our work comes from referrals.

      Affordable Pricing

      We believe in building long-term relationships in the community with honest work done at a price you can afford. While we use only the best materials possible, we don’t charge high markups you will find with other epoxy installers.
      High-Grade Materials

      Industrial-Grade Epoxy Solutions

      We use only the highest-grade epoxy materials possible to deliver superior results every time. Our clients benefit from long-lasting professional epoxy floor installation that can withstand most perils without suffering from common issues associated with low grade epoxy and poor installation like separation.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Curious about our process? Want to know if your home or business is a good candidate for epoxy? We are happy to answer any questions you have for us! Here are some common questions we receive from customers. Please give us a call for any additional questions or concerns.

      What are the benefits of epoxy floors in Corona?

      Epoxy floor coatings in Corona, California come with numerous benefits for homeowners and facility managers. While we use industrial-grade epoxy for great results, our epoxy systems are great for homeowners who want to renovate their basement or enjoy a clean, durable garage floor.
      Here’s a quick overview of the biggest benefits of epoxy flooring:
      • Long-lasting results with an expected life of 10-20+ years
      • Anti-slip surface can be customized to your needs
      • High-gloss finish increases brightness by up to 300%
      • Maintenance-free flooring only needs to be swept and mopped
      • Eco-friendly with low or no VOCs and the ability to reduce energy costs by brightening the space
      • Unlimited ways to customize the look and feel of your floor
      • Economical solution with a low upfront cost
      • Can improve your home’s resale value
      • Withstands many hazards like heavy loads, forklifts, heavy machinery, vehicles, chemical spills, and more

      How long will it take to install a new garage epoxy floor?

      With our experienced epoxy garage floor installers, getting a new, beautiful garage floor takes no time at all. We use specialized equipment and years of experience to prepare your concrete and install your new epoxy floor system in as little as one day.

      How do you prepare the concrete?

      Because surface preparation is the most important factor in a long-lasting, strong bond, we don’t cut corners when it comes to prepping your existing concrete slab. Our residential epoxy flooring experts take the time to fill and repair cracks, joints, and damage with epoxy resin. Grease and other stains will also be lifted from the concrete because they can interfere with bonding, bleed through, or cause premature floor failure. Only when your concrete is dry, clean, and in good condition do we use diamond grinding or shot blasting to profile the surface and open pores in the concrete. From there, a special primer will be applied to achieve beautiful and flawless results.

      How long will a new epoxy floor system last?

      The expected lifespan of epoxy flooring in Corona, CA depends on where it’s installed, how well it’s installed, the grade of epoxy, and the wear and tear it faces. As a general rule, commercial epoxy flooring in high-demand environments can last up to a decade. Our residential epoxy flooring can easily last up to 20 years or even longer. It’s not uncommon to see epoxy that’s 30 years old and still in good condition, especially in areas that aren’t exposed to heavy traffic or UV rays like the basement.

      Do you provide free estimates?

      Of course! If you would like an estimate for your project, please give us a call. We provide free written estimates for residential and commercial projects in Corona, California after assessing your space.