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Garage Floor Epoxy

You have a lot of options to give your tired, dusty garage floor an update but few floor systems offer the durability, performance, and great design of garage floor epoxy. As one of the leading garage floor epoxy companies in Corona, California, we offer limitless ways to transform your garage into the envy of the neighborhood. Garage epoxy can turn your garage into a private car showroom, the perfect bright space for working on your hobbies, or simply a clean and attractive place to store your belongings. We use only the best garage floor epoxy coating products to deliver the best possible performance, design, and lifespan with careful concrete prep work to prevent premature floor failure and other issues.
Garage floor epoxy in Corona can transform your garage from damp, dark, and dusty into bright, clean, and welcoming in just one to two days. It’s not just a high-performance floor system: it’s also a cost-effective way to make your garage into something unique.

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Custom Garage Epoxy Designs

Who says epoxy needs to be boring?

Whether you want something simple and understated or you really want to make a statement, our garage floor epoxy experts can make it happen with a huge variety of design options.
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Quartz Epoxy Systems
One of the most durable and attractive options for epoxy flooring is a quartz epoxy system. By adding colored quartz granules, your floor takes on new color, texture, and durability. Quartz is often used in commercial settings thanks to its strength and attractive color but it can also be used in a garage for a high-end look.
Epoxy Flake Garage
Flake Epoxy Floors
One of the most popular epoxy design options is flake epoxy, also known as granite flake epoxy. By broadcasting multi-color pigment flakes over the base coat of your garage floor epoxy, we can add texture and visual interest. Flake epoxy can look very similar to granite with a safe non-skid texture.
Metallic Epoxy Garage
Metallic Epoxy Floors
The most show-stopping design we can achieve with epoxy is an effect called metallic epoxy. By manipulating metallic pigments in the top coat with solvents, brushes, blowers, and other techniques, we can create a truly 3D effect. A pearlescent or metallic epoxy garage floor can look like marble, tanned leather, colored glass, liquid metal, and more.
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Your Choice of Colors
Our industrial-grade epoxy systems come in every color you can imagine. Some people prefer neutral colors like crisp white, gray, or beige while others want the vibrant and stunning look of fire engine red, indigo, or magenta. We can install solid-color epoxy floors, stripes, patterns, or more decorative looks with flake epoxy or metallic epoxy garage floors.
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Custom Floor Designs
Want something completely you? Our epoxy garage floor installers can create any look you can imagine. We install epoxy floors with custom patterns and designs with a rainbow of color options. We can add sports team logos, abstract patterns, metallic checkerboard patterns, stripes, and much more.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy

Longevity and high-performance meets beautiful design

Not sure if garage floor epoxy in Corona is the right choice to give your garage a makeover? Here’s why so many Corona homeowners are investing in a garage epoxy coating.
  • Protects your concrete
  • Cost-effective
  • Long life of 10-20+ years
  • Fast installation in just 2 days
  • Increases brightness by 300%
  • Resists wear, abrasion, and hot tires
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Seamless and easy to maintain
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Corona, California
At Epoxy Flooring Corona, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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Benefits of Professional Garage Floor Epoxy

Ready to reap the benefits of seamless garage floor epoxy?

Don’t make the mistake of trusting a DIY garage epoxy kit. The results can’t compare to professional garage floor epoxy installation in terms of appearance, longevity, or performance. Here’s why a professionally applied epoxy garage floor coating is worth the investment.
  • High-grade epoxy products. Our garage floor epoxy in Corona, CA is high-grade, solvent-based, 100% solids to provide the longevity and performance you are looking for. DIY kits usually come with 30-40% solids water-based epoxy systems that are thin and bound to fail.
  • Quality prep work. Skipping on the concrete prep work is a leading cause of epoxy failure. Our experts repair damage to your floor like spalling and use diamond grinding or shot blasting to profile the surface. This is the only way to ensure a strong bond with the epoxy.
  • Long-term results. You’re lucky to get a year or two with a DIY garage epoxy kit. Professional garage floor epoxy delivers superior results that can last 10-20+ years without delamination, chips, and other premature failure.
  • Fast installation. Our garage floor epoxy contractors can install a beautiful and flawless garage epoxy floor in just one to two days with a full cure possible in just a few days.
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Professional, Affordable, and Reliable
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