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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Bring your pool deck back to life

As the leading concrete company in Corona, California, we love what we do and that includes bringing back pool decks on the verge of extinction. Don’t let other concrete companies fool you into thinking that you need a new deck altogether, the truth is you can have your pool deck resurfaced and have it look good as new.
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Types and Benefits

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Resurfacing your concrete pool deck creates a beautiful new surface that brings to life a once old and dull deck. The different options and benefits of pool deck resurfacing are listed below, to get started, give our professional team a call right now!
stained concrete pool deck
Stained Pool Deck
Resurfacing your pool deck and staining the concrete creates a strong surface that is resistant to common exposures that would otherwise damage other materials. Some of the benefits include:
  • A non-slip surface
  • Stained pool deck concrete does not breakdown when exposed to pool chemicals
  • Creates earthy colors that create a very natural looking surface
  • This surface is very easy to clean
stamped concrete pool deck
Stamped Pool Deck
When the sun is out and it gets hot, you want to enjoy your pool and the deck you have to walk on to get into the pool. When you choose to stamp your concrete, you can create a surface that mimics other surfaces and creates a safe environment for friends and family.
  • Can mimic brick, stone, tile, and wood
  • Unlike the materials it mimics, these surfaces do not breakdown with saltwater pools
  • Creates a safe environment with a versatility that is unmatched
concrete overlay around pool
Pool Deck Overlays
When you’re looking for a practical, quick, and decorative solution for your pool deck, pool deck overlays are the way to go. The benefits of pool deck overlays include:
  • Correcting any surface blemishes
  • Minimizing any exposure related damages
  • Are extremely skid-resistant
  • Can be easily repaired if necessary
  • They reduce surface roughness and create fantastic unique designs
cool pool deck coating
Kool Deck
A Kool Deck surface is extremely popular among pool deck owners because of the coatings ability to create a natural looking surface while keeping it safe for bare-feet even when it is exposed to sun rays all day. Kool Deck surfaces are not glossy, so they create great barriers for decks that are interested in appearing natural and without shine.
concrete pool deck
Money & Maintenance
Resurfaced pool deck surfaces reduce the amount of cost that would have to be the case if you chose to install a completely new surface. When you choose to resurface, maintaining the concrete deck is extremely easy, the deck rarely needs extensive treatments and cleaners which also helps pool deck owners save money.
pool deck resurfacing options
Aesthetics & Eco-friendly
A resurfaced pool deck surface is a much better choice for the environment when you think about all of the waste tearing out a concrete deck that could be repaired would produce. There more chemicals and materials required to start over then repair the current surface. A resurfaced pool deck looks like new and can be designed to appear to be a completely different material.
pool deck resurfacing cost

Choose to resurface!

Save time, money, and resources

A pool deck resurfacing project allows you to breathe life back into your concrete slab. We do not realize how important a healthy looking and feeling pool deck is to the entire atmosphere of our backyard. Resurfacing concrete, especially a pool deck, provides benefits that include:
  • Increasing property value by over 15%
  • Creating a more resistant and much stronger surface
  • A well-installed pool deck will resist pool chemicals and pool saltwater
  • Saves money and is much more cost-effective than completely replacing your pool deck surface
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Corona, California
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When you choose to hire a professional to resurface your pool deck, make sure it is someone you trust. A pool deck is an important asset to your home, whether you are selling your home in the future or not, a well resurfaced pool deck will be a great asset to have. A pool deck can either make or break the overall appearance of your backyard, so don’t leave it up to just anyone. Give our professionals a call right now to learn more.

Installation Process

What is resurfacing?

pool deck repair
There is a step-by-step process that needs to occur prior to completely resurfacing your concrete pool deck. These steps help ensure that your pool deck is capable and ready to be resurfaced. The precautionary steps are taken prior to resurfacing your pool deck is important because they produce fantastic end results.
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