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Garage Floor Coatings

Long lasting, appealing and low maintenance

Are you tired of your garage being gloomy, boring or just plain ugly and want to make a change? As one of the top garage floor coating companies in Corona, we are able to help you transform your garage into a welcoming and beautiful area of your home. We have plenty of coatings to choose from that range from modern and simplistic or even exciting and exotic. Interested? Allow us to tell you a little more about our garage floor coatings and what they can do for you!

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Types Of

Garage Floor Coatings

Have you ever thought about the different types of garage floor coatings? When we ask most people, their mind always leans towards epoxy flooring. Well, that’s just not enough variety for our liking! Below we have outlined only the most popular of our garage floor coatings so you can see what is available!
Garage Floor Coating
Garage Epoxy
The most popular coating is the garage epoxy flooring system, and this is because it just has too many benefits to turn down! Epoxy flooring can brighten your garage, make your concrete much stronger and can be customized to the limits of the imagination. Want durable flooring? Use epoxy!
Concrete Stains
Concrete Stains
Want your garage floor to have the appearance of natural stone or like marble but don’t like the texture of a stamped concrete overlay? With either an acid stained or a water-based stain, you can have exactly that! Both stains are topped with a urethane or acrylic sealer.
polished concrete floor
Polished Concrete
Love the look and simplicity of an exposed aggregate concrete? Wish the bare concrete was able to resist stains or chemicals? Well with polished concrete, that’s what the exposed concrete can do! With a nice coat of polish after the concrete is ground, your concrete can resist chemicals and stains.
metallic epoxy garage floor
Metallic Epoxy
Easily one of the most unique garage flooring options is the metallic epoxy floor coating. This material is able to mimic some of the most exotic effects in the flooring market like clouds, waves and can even look like lava is flowing under your floor!
sealing new concrete
Sealed Concrete
Think of sealed concrete like a polished concrete flooring system but without the hassle of heavy maintenance and having your concrete ground to aggregate. A sealed concrete will perform just like a polished concrete so you still get superior chemical resistance but you won’t have the same appearance as polished.
resurface garage floor concrete resurfacer
Concrete Resurfacing
Does your garage floor need repairs but you don’t want them to show? When you resurface your garage floor, all cracks or gouges will be filled and you can say goodbye to your stains! Garage floor resurfacing will make your concrete look like its brand new.

Invest In Your Home

Ask any homeowner

the best thing you can do for your home is invest in it, and that is what any of our garage coatings will do for you. Our coatings are proven to last decades when they are properly maintained and some of them can even make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last 2-3 times longer than a bare concrete slab.
Did you know that when it comes time to sell your home and you have damaged concrete in your garage that your home will not pass inspection to be sold? With any of our coatings not only will your home pass inspection with flying colors, but they can also even increase the value of your home by the thousands!
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Unmatched Durability

upgrade in the durability

With some of our coatings, you can expect an upgrade in the durability department. As an example, we will use the garage floor epoxy system that can help your concrete almost completely resist damage from heavy objects, impact from dropped objects and even the use of heavy machinery. Not only cosmetic damage, but epoxy flooring can handle up to 3500 psi as well!

Slip Resistance

Tired of slipping and falling in your garage

best garage floor epoxy coating
Tired of slipping and falling in your garage, or even tired of slipping when there is moisture exposed to the flooring. With any of our garage floor coatings that have sealers, we can help you! We have a special additive that looks like sand that we place in the sealer that will make the floor offer so much drip, you will never slip again!

Easy To Maintain

garage floor epoxy contractors
We know how big of a pain in the neck it is to spend all of your days off in the garage making sure everything is spic and span. Many of our garage flooring options offer the ability to just be hosed down for maintenance! If you don’t want to, all you will need is a broom and mop to get the job done!

Chemical Resistance

professional garage floor epoxy
The garage is an area of the home where many homeowners tend to store or use harsh chemicals. You would think that all flooring options for the garage will offer chemical resistance as a staple in their systems. In our case, we always make sure our coatings isolate all chemicals on the surface so you can clean them up and dispose of them easily.
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