Concrete shows signs leading up to needing a resurfacing job completed. Over the years or through the seasons, concrete will need to be resurfaced, so there are things you need to be aware of. Your concrete surface will tell you when it needs to be resurfaced, so what are the signs?

  1. Cracking, over the years and through the weather and season changes, concrete cracks. It is inevitable and hard to avoid because of concretes natural reaction to heat and cool weather. When concrete cools it shrinks and when it heats up it expands. This constant freeze/thaw cycle causes cracks that cannot be avoided but when these cracks become invasive, it will be time to resurface. Unattended cracks can be invasive and cause structural damages that lead to more expensive repair needs.
  2. How old is your concrete? That is an important question to answer because, after a certain number of years, concrete has to be resurfaced. After 20-years, concrete definitely needs to be redone. This is a great way to redesign the surface of your driveway, garage, patio, or any other surface that can be resurfaced.
  3. What type of exposure has your concrete experienced? After years of elements, weather, impact, and pressure the best way to rejuvenate the surface is to resurface the concrete.
  4. Another reason why people should consider resurfacing is simply when they’re ready to redecorate their area. There are many options to choose from when it is time for a new look, like overlays, stamping, staining, and so much more!

Resurfacing your concrete can be a functional decision or a decorative one. You can resurface:

  • A garage
  • A patio
  • A walkway
  • A driveway
  • A facility

And so many more areas! When you’re looking for a new option for your concrete surface, consider resurfacing. For more information, consult with a professional technician.